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Cincinnati Web Designer creates web sites that get results for search engine optimization.

Cincinnati Graphic Designer creates sales literature for lead generation by communicating your sales message clearly.

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Susan Slaughter, Web Designer and Graphic Designer,
is the owner of Slaughter & Slaughter, Inc.

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Sit-to-Stand, Travel Hoyer-TAS

2 Refrigerators

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Slaughter & Slaughter, Inc. is a web design, graphic design, marketing and communications firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio --- in business since 1970.

We provide strategic planning and implementation services for Web Design, Graphic Design, Book Design, Logo Design, Copy Writing, Traditional and Digital Photography, Photo Retouching, Illustration, and Rendering.

We produce Web Site Design/Code Development, Digital Video, Digital Photography for Web Sites, Graphic Design for Advertising and Sales Literature, Graphic Design for Books, and Logo Design.

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Contact Susan or Jim Slaughter Here by Email or
(513) 271 - 4687

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Holiday Recipes

Stroke Support Group at Drake Center, Cincinnati

Preventing Identity Theft

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Cincinnati, Ohio
Apartments for Rent in Hyde Partk area of Cincinnati, Ohio

Two (2) Family Duplex - Blue Building
House For Sale in Hyde Park/Mt. Lookout area of Cincinnati, Ohio

* Holiday Recipes

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Cincinnati Fine Art Gallery

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Home Page Design, Web Site Design / Development,
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Whether a Graphic Designer is located in Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A. or anywhere else in the world, a designer is a designer no matter what they are designing. The principles of design -- whether it's graphic design, web design, book design, logo design, or any other type of design -- are basically the same -- only the medium changes from graphics print or web, interiors, photography, architecture, etc.

A person educated in the aspects of good design can function as a graphic designer, web designer, book designer, logo designer, or any other type of designer, as long as they have had a valuable background and education in design. I'm not refering to a two year, trade school course. I'm speaking of a university degree.

As university educated graphic designers, we know the value of being educated problem solvers. A designer, especially a graphic designer, is just that, an educated problem solver. They take their knowledge of the principles of design and combine it with their ability to learn new information, whether it is about a client's process or product, or new aspcets of the different mediums in which they work.

Then the graphic designer must take that knowledge and apply it. They must next learn what it is their client needs to communicate -- what problem they need to solve. Is it a new product introduction into an existing market or a new market, a new service they are providing to a new market or existing customers? Or is what they need to communicate a call to action as in a charitable organization wishing to spur donations.

A university education in graphic design includes the learning of how best to effect communication. As Cincinnati Graphic Design firm since 1970, we have spent much time learning how best to communicate our clients' messages in the Cincinnati area. That same experience can be applied to companies anywhere in the world with our understanding that different cultures view things in different ways and they must be addressed, ie. colors, numbers, images, phrases, etc.

As Cincinnati Web/Graphic Designers, we are able, with the web, to act as a graphic design team for clients anywhere in the world. As Cincinnati Graphic Designers, the internet has given us a world wide market. We are no longer restricted to graphic design, web design, book design, or logo design just in the Cincinnati area.

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